Hi there,

I’m Kurt Ingwersen

Learning as much about something as I possibly can leads me to the best end results, I love research!

Currently employed as the Senior Digital Designer for McMillan Shakespeare, working with e-Marketing, web and graphic design, video production, animation and VX. Other involvements include: Creative direction, ID/UI/UX research & design and CX.

I have lead industry level marketing platform migrations including: Marketo and Adobe Campaign. I worked with teams to develop and launched multiple full scale web services such as, mmsg.com.au, maxxia.com.au, remserv.com.au and more…

Been apart of major application design and development for the salary packaging and novated leasing sector of McMillan Shakespeare; alongside medium scaling applications and web apps servicing internal, B2B and B2C spaces.

Provided creative direction on a number of productions scaling from internal photoshoots/video productions to external advertising (Above and below the line).

Case Study #1

Novated lease

Case Study #2

McMillan Shakespeare

Case Summary #3-5

Maxxia online, Presidian, Metro


Be careful if you get the #borderlands3 deal with @samsungau hidden in there terms is a 28 day wait period. Their consultant told me #Epic are not releasing the codes. Definitely would not have purchased a $315 hard drive if I knew I'd have to wait a month for the game. #BL3

Adobe Personalisation breakfast to start the day. 🙂 #Adobe #personalisation https://t.co/i84ZaXgKWs kurt_ingwersen photo

"When designs are developed on a scheduled timeline, designs are adapted for faster implementation, liable performance, and reusability at scale." #design #ui #ux #uxdesigner #react https://t.co/e7Rx9gyNET