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It’s 2021. Accessibility is not a “nice to have”

The new “UX” in my opinion, accessibility is finally stepping into the light. Better late than never. If you haven’t heard the stats, roughly 1/6 Australians are living with a disability (That’s 4.4m people).

Designing great experiences shouldn’t be reserved to 5/6 people. Consider the following in your next project scope.

For digital products, build some rules and processes into your design systems, so that accessibility is front of mind when building our your new designs. Linking this with a component library insures that design, at the component level meets a certain standard.

Understandably there is a larger cost when designing, testing and developing for accessibility, but just remember, you’ll be reaching more customers if done correctly. Something to keep in the back pocket when talking to stakeholders (asking for money).

“You’ll be reaching more customers if done correctly”

Whilst it is a very large task to undertake, you can always start small by implementing and being aware of the following aspects.

Web accessibility

Our baseline checks across all digital assets should comply with AA web accessibility standards. You can find a link to these here:

Note: It is important as an experience designer that you clearly state these in your hand off to developers

Accessibility check list

When creating or updating a digital product it is important to run through the below checklist to ensure we’re meeting the level of accessibility standards mentioned above:

Accessibility contrast-checker

Always ensure colour contrasts are checked to ensure we’re meeting the level of accessibility standards mentioned above:

Accessibility in all forms

Accessibility design is not just for people with disabilities, think broadly about how peoples situation might be a barrier when interacting with your product.

Where to start

Start with any of the things mentioned above! Find an experience designer familiar with accessibility, there are lots of very talented contractors out there that will be willing to help! If you don’t have time you can engage an agency to do a short review for you. Below are some following resources to get started making your designs inclusive to everyone.


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