Accessibility Opinions

Just because it exists, doesn’t mean it’s accessible.

This is an example of an accessibility overlay. A widget that you overlay on your website that boasts a myriad of different accessibility options. Whilst some may help, this is a bandaid approach.

The accessibility mindset should be shifted left and be included at the beginning of the design process; ideally before that within your design system at a component level. All assistive tools work best when accessible options are baked into the site its self and native mark up.

See in the example below, if you’re a keyboard user, it takes 39 tab stops to get to the main navigation and even then you land on pricing first. It takes you 42 tab stops to log in and 43 to “get started.

Not to mention stops 5-38 + 46 are all hidden from visible focus. (User has no idea where they are)

“Just because it exists, doesn’t mean it’s accessible.”

This is a company calling themselves accessibility experts… Whilst they might be in some area’s this lack of thought into their own website has me questioning.

Just because it exists, doesn’t mean it’s accessible.


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