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As a designer, I’m passionate about creating user-centered designs that are not only beautiful but also accessible to everyone. I aim to foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment, empowering team members to take ownership of their projects, and balancing the needs of the business with the needs of the user.

Through this portfolio, I hope to showcase my skills and expertise in delivering innovative solutions that enhance the user experience and ensure inclusivity for all.

“Accessible design is just good design.”

#0 Measurement of success

Effective measurement of success is essential for long lasting designs. By utilising tools such as NPS, customer engagement surveys, and other relevant channels, I’ve been able to make informed decisions, enhance customer experiences, drive growth, optimize costs, and ensure alignment with business objectives. For instance, many of the projects I have worked on focused on reducing call center loads while enabling customers to self-serve, resulting in improved operational efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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#1 Global Design Systems

Introduction of a global design system that incorporates accessibility at a component level and serves multiple brands is a powerful tool for companies looking to ensure consistency and inclusivity across their digital products. By developing a centralised design system, companies can create a shared library of components, guidelines, and best practices that can be used across multiple brands and products, reducing development time and costs.

By incorporating accessibility considerations at the component level, such as keyboard navigation, color contrast, and screen reader compatibility, companies can ensure that their products are usable by all users, regardless of their abilities. Additionally, a global design system can help companies maintain brand consistency and improve user experience by providing a unified design language across their products.

The use of this global design system has streamlined the wireframing process by providing a library of pre-designed components, which not only accelerated the creation of wireframes but also facilitated the faster creation of final designs for developer handoff.

Design file management and processes are also a crucial part of the global design system, as they are essential for ensuring consistency and efficiency in design workflows across multiple brands and products. By establishing clear guidelines for file naming conventions, storage, and version control, designers can avoid confusion and ensure that files are easily accessible and understandable for all team members. Additionally, implementing standardized processes for file sharing, review, and approval can help to streamline collaboration and communication among team members, regardless of their location. By prioritizing effective design file management and processes, teams can ensure that the global design system functions smoothly and effectively, leading to more consistent and high-quality design outcomes.

#2 Lean product launchService Blueprinting

Service blueprinting played a key role in facilitating the lean product launch of a brand new product – short term leasing – in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. By creating a detailed blueprint of the service journey, from customer acquisition to after-sales support, the team was able to identify pain points and areas for improvement, leading to a more efficient and effective launch.

By leveraging the insights gained from the service blueprint, the team was able to optimise the customer experience and streamline the delivery of the new service, resulting in a successful product launch.

#3 NDIS Plan Management Dashboard

End-to-end creation of a new product to service customers of our plan management support businesses. The plan manager portal is an innovative platform designed to provide customers with an easy-to-use interface for managing their NDIS plan. With features such as the ability to view invoices, submit reimbursements, and align expenses to NDIS line items, customers can easily track and manage their plan. Additionally, support coordinators can manage their own participants through a separate view, while service providers can use a dedicated view to provide services to NDIS participants. Overall, the NDIS plan manager portal is a powerful tool for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of NDIS plan management, making it easier for all parties involved to access the information they need in one central location.

The iterative design process played a crucial role in the creation of the final product for the customer portal. Starting with user research and feedback, the team developed multiple prototypes and designs, each incorporating user insights and testing results.

Through an iterative process of feedback, refinement, and testing, the team was able to create a final product that was both user-friendly and effective in meeting customer needs.

By incorporating feedback at each stage of the design process, the team was able to optimise the user experience and ensure that the final product met the highest standards of usability and functionality.

#4 Accessibility governance

Ensuring accessibility is a critical aspect of creating digital products that are usable by everyone, including people with disabilities. Setting up accessibility governance involves establishing a process for identifying and addressing accessibility issues in all digital products.

Creating a way to log, measure, and report on critical to low accessibility issues, using a Kanban to track their status of remediation. Working with accessibility partners to conduct full-scale audits and ensure compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) is also a crucial component of accessibility governance.

By taking this proactive approach, organisations can ensure that their digital products are accessible to all users, creating a more inclusive and equitable user experience.


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