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Discrimination in the workplace

I know, I know… how is it even possible that this still exists. Thankfully, in my circumstances, my current employer embraces individualism. It’s the best to be able to feel like yourself at work.

This was not always the case for me though, and I think it’s very important to talk about. I was let go from a previous role with a direct quote being “this role deserves more of a nerdy persona and not a skater tattooed persona”

You should trust a designer with tattoos. It show’s they can commit to a life long design :p

Discrimination in the workplace is still a significant issue for people with tattoos and other forms of self-expression. Despite the growing acceptance of tattoos and other forms of body art in society, many workplaces still maintain strict dress codes that prohibit visible tattoos, piercings, or unconventional hairstyles.

This can be particularly problematic for individuals who have tattoos or piercings that hold cultural or personal significance, as these individuals may feel pressure to cover up or remove their body art in order to conform to workplace expectations. Unfortunately, this discrimination can have a significant impact on an individual’s career prospects, limiting their opportunities for advancement or even leading to termination.

It’s important for employers to recognise the value of diversity and individual expression in the workplace, and to create policies and environments that allow employees to express themselves while still maintaining a professional image. By creating a more inclusive and accepting workplace culture, employers can help to eliminate discrimination based on appearance and ensure that all employees are able to reach their full potential.

So let’s cut the shit and stop assuming someones work ethic’s based on their appearance. You should trust a designer with tattoos. It show’s they can commit to a life long design :p


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